Three Principles For Scrum Day San Diego

Scrum Day San Diego is guided by the educational and learning practice of Dave Meier called Accelerated Learning (AL). AL is set of human-centered and brain-friendly principles that are designed to maximize retention and application of new ideas and concepts by focusing on the whole mind and body of the learners. Many of these concepts have been popularized by Sharon Bowman with her book, Training from the Back of the Room.

AL is both a learning process and an instructional design paradigm with seven principles. While there are seven principles to AL, the three principles which guide the spirit of Scrum Day San Diego are:

  1. Learning is Creation, Not Consumption: Merely listening to an idea does not guarantee it will be remembered and\or implemented. AL challenges participants to be involved with their education and stresses an idea must put into action, either through dialogue, exercise or active self-reflection. Otherwise, whatever information is consumed will simply be displaced as the next new thought or concept enters the participant’s mind.
  2. Collaboration Aids Learning: Learning should be thought of as a social activity since we tend to learn more when we interact with other people. Rather than viewing the participants as passive vessels receiving information, search for ways to deepen the social connections between the participants, increase their interactions with one another and work together towards a common goal.
  3. Positive Emotions Greatly Improve Learning: it is really this simple – negative feelings inhibits learning while positive emotions accelerates learning. If learners spend all their time working through the emotions generated by an environment that does not feel safe, respectful and free of judgement, all the good stuff you are sharing with them will completely pass them by. Make it fun!

Speakers and presenters, we request that you please consider these principles in the creation of your sessions and your conference materials. Look for ways to collaboratively engage the participants in building or creating something with the information you provide. Participants, we ask that you collaborate and interact with others at the conference, strive to create something new with the information you learn and be warm and welcoming to people you do not know.

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