Scrum Day San Diego Sponsors Robotics Competition

July 19, 2016 – San Diego, California.  Scrum Day San Diego Is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 9th annual Autonomous Robot Competition (iAROC) 2016: Destination Mars, a yearly robotics competition held with the goal of inspiring the next generation of technical leaders through fun and exciting activities under the mentorship of software professionals. The competition took place on June 25 and 26, 2016. It was hosted by the League of Amazing Programmers and was held this year at the San Diego Central Library.

The autonomous robotics competition allowed kids and teens to use clever programming strategies and algorithms, combined with hardware, to design robots that solve challengers and mazes.  As per the rules of the competition, autonomous means no remote controls or any other form of human intervention.  This year’s challenges concerned a mission to Mars, where 19 teams used their autonomous robots to perform a series of missions to claim a crater for a Martin colony.  The Scrum Day San Diego sponsorship allowed one additional team to participate.

Additionally, there was the 9th Annual Pi Contest, where participants endeavored to recite the digits of Pi from memory.  Famed autonomous robot, R2-D2, was also able to stop by and pose for some pictures.

June Clarke, lead teacher at The League of Amazing Programmers and co-founder of Agile San Diego, characterized the event as an “unforgettable learning experience” for the participants.   The League of Amazing Programmers is a non-profit programming school with the mission of igniting young minds, grades 5 through 12, through programming.

“Scrum Day San Diego is excited to support this youth robotics competition in San Diego. It is impressive that the school teaches students from a young age the Agile values and principles in addition to modern programming practices from Extreme Programming.”  said Carlton Nettleton, president of Look Forward Consulting, Inc., and organizer of Scrum Day San Diego.

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