Get Your Hot Links from Scrum Day

Before the conference, I asked our speakers to share their favorite Agile links with the community.  I recommend taking a look at these sites and come back to the ones that offer you the most interesting insights on how to make those next steps.

  1. Switching to Scrum: a site to help you get started with Scrum.
  2. Lean Mindset: a useful site from the authors of Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit, Tom & Mary Poppendieck.
  3. Clean Coder: a blog from “Uncle Bob” Martin on technical excellence and software craftsmanship.
  4. Mob Programming: the winners of the Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award for 2013 created this practice and this site is your hub to learn all about the Mob.
  5. Beyond Estimates: Woody Zuill has a great collection of articles on his website on the topic of #NoEstimates (over 2000 tweets and counting).
  6. Agile Library: community curated resources on all things Scrum and Agile.
  7. Agile Alliance: an excellent resource to stay connected to the larger Agile community.
  8. Mountain Goat Software: website from one of the thought leaders in the Scrum community, Mike Cohn.
  9. Quantum Shifting: site dedicated to challenging the way you think about software development and teams.
  10. RallyDev Resource Center: a ton of great checklists, PDF and other things to download.
  11. PMI Agile Community of Practice: a great portal to learn about many different Agile processes supported by the Project Management Institute.
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